Vision, Mission & Goals


Our vision is to positively influence business strength within the Camden Haven creating a resilient and healthy local economy.


Our mission is to support the growth of business in the Camden Haven through facilitating education and training, encouraging community engagement and collaboration, actively promoting businesses and the Camden Haven as a destination, and providing representation to advocate issues for the benefit of Camden Haven businesses.

We will ensure that community events and local charities are supported through the Chamber and grass roots connections are fostered.


The Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce has identified four key goals for 2018:

  • To achieve business growth in the Camden Haven, benchmarking against Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Forster, Taree, and Sawtell.
  • To facilitate four business training/education events for business owners per annum.
  • To increase multimedia presence through the development of a multimedia strategy and action plan.
  • To ensure the overall benefit to the Camden Haven community from economic development.

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